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We Manage the Unmanageable.

Marketing Execution Services.
Save Time • Improve Quality • Reduce risk.

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Meet Dr. Dixon

As Marketers, we often spend more time on transactions to execute a campaign than actually creating campaigns.

Planning or Action?

Strategic or Tactical?

Change or Stability?

But this “either/or” thinking is a dangerous trap! To be a better marketer — we need to realize that our value is in creating.

We need to spend less time with our suppliers and more time on our customers!

3 Bee Marketing provides a simple framework that makes it easier to buy marketing services. By doing this, we gain a massive competitive advantage, move your organization to the next level and make you the marketing hero!


Less Sourcing Admin


Fewer Rebids


Fewer Order Errors


Fewer Invoices Annually


“3 Bee has become a trusted partner enabling us to spend time doing what we do best - Marketing. They evolved our procurement processes, implemented enabling technology, developed our skills and helped us generate savings across all our categories.”

What’s My Investment?

How much is lost time  costing you? How many

suppliers do you really need to execute your campaigns?

How much money are you leaving on the table by not aggregating spend? How

many people do you have entering orders and checking invoices? Could

increasing speed to market positively impact your business? Spending time on

the wrong things may already be costing you a great deal.

Why it Works


Spend Visibility

3 Bee provides real time visibility of every transaction locally, nationally and globally. View line item detail throughout the marketing execution process and across your supply chain.


Control every penny of your expenditure. 3 Bee enables centralized control of your marketing, enforces compliance and best practice across your business.


Process Efficiences

Release your employees from burdensome admin through source-to-settle automation. Streamline your supply chain to eliminate errors and waste.

Control and Compliance

Cost Savings


Low Cost / Low Risk Solution

3 Bee is a lower cost and lower risk alternative to manual sourcing or outsourcing to a third party. Low upfront costs, with no monthly subscriptions. Our revenues are aligned to your success.


3 Bee delivers significant, measurable and sustainable cost savings to your business. Optimize savings while controlling quality and service. Lock in year on year savings.


Create Value

3 Bee enables organisations to create more value from their marketing. Be more responsive, service your customers better, get deeper insights into your business and spend more time doing what you do best. Marketing.

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