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Market Research

Brands are under pressure to develop emotional connections and relationships with consumers and business decision makers.

Our vast network of market research partners and aggregated spend provide world-class qualitative and quantitative and generate deeper, action-oriented insights.

We can help you uncover the causal factors in human behavior and deliver powerful insights you can leverage to achieve your goals.  Our toolbox consists of traditional methods along with innovative techniques that result in a profoundly deeper understanding of how you might better satisfy your customers.

Qualitative. Quantitative. Syndicated.

• Brand Health Tracking

We monitor the KPIs for your brand and your competitors' over time to understand what's important to drive brand equity.

• Consumer Insights

Consumers are connecting and interacting with media and brands in more sophisticated and engaging ways than ever before. It’s our job to help you understand who your most valuable consumers are and how they behave.

• Competitive Analysis

Our expert analysts benchmark competitive cross-channel marketing strategies so your campaigns are executed with competitive intelligence, industry trend insights and confidence.

• Syndicated Reports

Access thousands of reports in nearly every vertical to meet the perpetually changing needs of your business. 

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