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Stop pulling your hair out over Marketing

It’s a rainy Monday at Ted’s small graphic tee shop. Ted has a problem. His intern has flaked yet again on her shift, leaving him to manage the company’s social media. Ted loves Instagram, of course, but he doesn’t have time to be promoting his products there. He has product to make and bills to pay; #GraphicTees are low on his priority list.

Ted knows marketing is critical to bring in more revenue. He’d love to do a direct mail campaign promoting his latest shirts, but Ted hardly has the time (or the manpower) to do it. “I’d be better off,” he mumbles under his breath, “Letting my schnauzer do our marketing.”

Poor Ted.

Sadly, many small businesses have this problem. They need to devote their time and attention to their product. Effectively promoting their business seems like a far-off dream.

But guess what? You can market the heck out of your newest “Zero Fox Given” graphic tee without losing your mind.

It all starts with smart marketing management.

The Value of Marketing Management

You don’t have to get heart palpitations every time you think about running a print campaign. Get yourself a trusted marketing advisor to do the heavy lifting.

Marketing management is the process of partnering with a marketer to manage all of your marketing needs. It includes email blasts, direct mail, digital advertising, social media, and so much more.

Here’s why marketing management is valuable to your small business.

1. It’s very affordable

This is the number-one reason small businesses don’t want to hire an agency. To be honest, you can’t afford not to work with a professional marketing team. You need to be competitive in your space. You might not be marketing, but your competitors sure are. Simply put, your dollars are best spent with a marketing management company, where you know they’ll be put to their best use.

2. Professional eyes on your campaigns

Some small business owners try to get by with a do-it-yourself approach to their marketing. While we commend their bravery, this is a dangerous undertaking that can cost you tons of time. And not to mention the drain it can place on your budget.

Let’s put it this way: would you put your 80-year-old grandma in charge of your Instagram page? No, because she doesn’t use the platform regularly or understand its nuances.

The same thing applies to small business marketing. Partnering with an agency puts professional eyes on your campaigns. Get with seasoned professionals with the knowledge and experience to market your business.

3. Do it right with multichannel

Multichannel is the practice of doing one campaign across different media. This puts your products in front of users via email, social media, direct mail, print, and more. Your audience needs to see your content at least three times to act on it. Multichannel makes this possible by solidifying your message in the minds of your audience.

Multichannel campaigns are incredibly effective, but they are a beast to DIY as a small business owner. If you want optimal return on your investment, go with a team of pros who know how to get you more customers through multichannel.

The bottom line

Instead of pulling out more of his hair over his good-for-nothing intern, Ted is instead entrusting a local marketing management organization with his marketing. Not only has he seen an uptick in online followers, but his business has skyrocketed over the last six months. Even if you’re a small business, you can benefit tremendously from partnering with an organization to handle all of your marketing. Focus on the important stuff and let a trusted advisor like 3 Bee Marketing bring the customers to you.

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